How does SCENAR Compare ?

SCENAR therapy is a Quantum Leap forward in technology

NOTE:  This is  NOT  a  'TENS' machine  -  'SCENAR'  is  a highly sophisticated Medical Bio-Feedback & Pain Relief device.

In conventional electrotherapy (e.g. TENS or Micro Current devices, etc.), the pain usually subsides ONLY while the unit is activated.
That's because the body adapts itself to the electrical signal and eventually just ignores it. The net result is that the pain returns.

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With SCENAR therapy, pain relief / pain reduction extends beyond the actual treatment, often weeks or possibly months beyond.  In fact, after a course of SCENAR treatments, it is not uncommon for the Pain Condtion to be relieved / reduced for a very substantial period of time.
This is one of the major distinguishing factors in SCENAR therapy.

The SCENAR device sends out a signal and then waits for it to return from the body.
The device reads and interprets the returning signal - then adjusts its own subsequent signal.
Because of this highly complex, computerized Biofeedback Mechanism, each new signal differs from the previous one, thus overcoming the adaptiveness of the body to a single, continuous electrical signal (as in conventional electrotherapy).

SCENAR therapy also influences local blood flow, especially in regulating micro-circulation.
That's important in the treatment of sports injuries, because blood flow is the mechanism of delivery for  the body's own 'building blocks'  for initiating repair and removing dead tissue and waste products.

One of the biggest factors in the effectiveness of SCENAR therapy is its ability to  'stimulate'  the body to release it's own Neuro-peptides.  It is the release of  these Neuro-peptides that empowers the body to heal it's own injuries of all types.

SCENAR  treatment also induces the body to release it's own natural  'opium-like' painkillers called Endorphins, thereby aiding in pain reduction  and often providing a general sensation of  'well-being'  due to the increase in circulation of these natural  'feel good' hormones.

SCENAR - Key differences:

SCENAR - Dynamic  therapy.  The device is moved over the skin in order to specifically find optimal treatment areas.

SCENAR - Specificity of treatment.  The unique SCENAR waveform uses complex Biofeedback to detect areas on the skin that are neurologically related to areas of injured tissue.

SCENAR - Unique waveform.  Pulsed, Damped, Sinusoidal and Skin-impedance Sensitive. Gentle, high amplitude and very short pulse width of the waveform prevents accommodation by the body. No two waveforms are identical.

SCENAR - Highly effective.        Click Here - to read more about How Scenar Works