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Hi Tech Scenar therapy has made a difference in so many people's lives. Scenar is used in many Russian hospitals and also several in Europe.

Word is spreading fast in Australia about this remarkable treatment.

Featured twice on 'A Current Affair'

Scenar is recommended by a leading Aus. Cardiologist, an Aus. Professor of Electrotherapy, Elite athletes and many Health Professionals.

Enjoy the Current Affair clips to discover how Scenar treatment may help YOU

Scenar featured on 'A Current Affair' - view the brief clips below

Episode 1  (5 min.)

Episode 2  (5 min.)

Scenar recommended by Medical Doctor - view the brief clip below

Dr Wardell  (2 min.)

Dr uses Scenar treatment to help restore Nerve Damage - clip below:

Dr Peter Lathrop - San Diego Pain Treatment Clinic (2 min.)

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